BIS Hunt. ( Hunting encore)

It is another foxhunting going in Russia now.

It is another foxhunting going in Russia now.

This time the fair game appeared to be a well-known lawyer, maecenas and business man- Alexander von Bismarck, grand grandson of German chancellor.

Russian and Belorussian authorities blame NGO, managed by Bismarck, for laundering money and creating the centre of cooperation with NGOs at the territory of Moscow and Volgograd regions. In other words- it is some kind of Hub for getting the grants.

Bismarck is a popular personality. He is known as the environmental fighter, as a participant of a great number of ecological events on the brink of a foul. His fund - EIA has got into the police surveillance zone in the Eastern Europe countries not even once. As Moscow media states, now he is fighting to save Russian forests. Though, the same media are doubting the neatness of plans of the heir to the famous last name.

As if Robin Hood has turned his fund into the blackmail- mall long time ago. He is threatening one with exposions, then he gets grants from scared companies and quietly moves to another country, looking for new victims.

It is difficult to say, either it is true or not. Anyways, EIA is being announced to have a red card in Moscow and Minsk.
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